Raw Artisanal Honey ~ All Natural Beeswax ~ Native Plants for Bee Gardens

Our Story

Beekeeper's Garden is a small licensed apiary located in northern Lackawanna County in the foothills of the Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We currently maintain five to 10 hives and practice organic and sustainable beekeeping methods in response to the current worldwide honeybee epidemic referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). 

Our apiary was founded in 2010, with each new year presenting greater challenges with regard to local wildlife, especially black bears, which is why we made the silhouette of our very own special visitor a part of our garden logo.  What most people do not realize (and we certainly did not until we started keeping bees) is that Northeastern Pennsylvania is BEAR COUNTRY!  

As our small backyard apiary matures, we continue to develop a discreet interest in local flora and the collection of artisanal honeys defined by the Pennsylvania landscape.  We hope to offer more in the way of native garden plants and apitherapy products in the near future.

Beekeeper's Garden is a subsidiary of Wheatgrass Grower, LLC, and is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as an apiary, food processing facility, and nursery.

Welcome to our farm!


Left to Right: Zoe McGlynn (2011); Ellen McGlynn (2011); one of our curious bears (2012)