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  • 6 oz. Table Tasters on Basswood Serving Plank

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    Four 6-ounce hexagon table taster jars on a basswood serving plank.  One each of the following: Spring Blossom Honey, Summer Flower Honey, Goldenrod Honey, and Fall Flower Honey.  This is the full-size version of our sampler box.   Includes tasting card that describes each honey's characteristics and food pairing suggestions.  Shrink-wrapped to withstand shipping and transport. 

    Native to Pennsylvania, the basswood tree has a longstanding history among beekeepers.  In June, the basswood blossoms provide nectar for our Summer Flower Honey. The large trees provide shade for hives during the dog days of summer, and the soft wood at one time was used for creating frames for comb honey sections.

    Registered PA Department of Agriculture.