Pure Artisanal Honey & Beeswax Gifts
  • Pure Beeswax, 8 oz.

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    Pure beeswax in a package of eight 1-Ounce Sticks. Available in lighter yellow wax which comes from the wax cappings only, and also the darker color wax which is a combination of all wax in the hives and contains the propolis resins collected by the bees.  The lighter beeswax is excellent for cosmetics, food, and for mixing with artistic media.  The darker wax is excellent for use in salves, polishes, and protectants.  Both are suitable for candles and egg decorating.

    Interested in learning how to make beautiful pysanky with your beeswax? Pysanky by Tammy offers classes in the Scranton metro area on this traditional art of Ukrainian egg design.