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  • Raw Propolis, .5 Oz (14g)

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    Also known as Bee Glue and Russian Penicillin, propolis is a plant resin that is collected by honeybees to seal cracks in the hive.  It is found to be highly antimicrobial and beneficial to the health of honeybees in the hive.  Propolis is also used by humans to improve wound healing and reduce various types of internal and external infections (click here for a scientific review).  The chunks can be eaten raw, frozen and crushed into a powder for blending into food, or used for making tinctures which can then be added to sprays, salves and creams.  Honeybees in the northeastern United States collect resins from the birch, beech, horse chestnut, dogwood, and poplar trees. As with pollen and other raw bee products, propolis should first be taken in small amounts to test for any allergic reactions. Our raw chunk propolis is washed and cleaned for purity.  Powder and capsule supplements on the market usually contain fillers and carriers.  For further scientific review of propolis and other bee products, click here.

    For general health purposes, swallow several chunks per day (roughly a half gram) with liquid or sprinkled on food.  Propolis can sometimes be abrasive on the tongue with prolonged use, so it is usually best swallowed with liquid or food rather than used as a lozenge.

    If you are unsure about whether using propolis may be right for you, please visit this link at WebMD.